How it works

Secure cloud-based networks, with just a click.

SkyFort gives you the ability to deploy your own dedicated secure cloud network. Protect your devices and data, while collaborating securely across the globe. No setup required.

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A better way to stay secure.

The world is changing, and security is no longer just for large corporations.

Individuals and small businesses lose $65,000,000,000 a year to cybercrime by ransomeware and devastating hacks that leak private information.

   Reliable Security
Reliable Security

Your data is secured and encrypted in transit and at rest.

   Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Setting up SkyFort on multiple devices is a breeze.

   Advanced Protection
Advanced Protection

All web traffic is intelligently screened for malware and spyware.

Reliable protection

How Does SkyFort Work?

Step One, Connect. Step Two, Relax.

Stress Free Setup

Make an account and log into SkyFort from the devices you want to secure using our app. Within seconds, you’re connected to our advanced decentralized security cloud.

Enterprise-grade Security

Once connected, your devices and your data are protected. Using advanced tools once only available to large corporations and governments, malware is blocked before it reaches you, and phishing sites are inaccessible.

Dedicated Compute Resources

Every SkyFort user gets a dedicated micro-cloud, with compute resources reserved for you 24/7, ensuring an uninterrupted internet experience.

Cutting Edge VPN

Your data is transferred and encrypted through SkyFort via an extremely advanced VPN protocol, built for speed and security.

Connect from anywhere

Your team can connect to your SkyFort network from anywhere in the world, and be on the same local network, just like you were in the office together.

Under The Hood


End-To-End Encrypted

Your data is protected from interception by advanced cryptography.

A Secure Internet

SkyFort scans web requests in real time, and prevents your devices from accessing a potentially dangerous website.

ML Threat Detection

SkyFort leverages the power of machine learning to detect malicious files from entering the network, keeping you safe from attacks like ransomeware.

Dedicated Cloud Network

Each account gets their own dedicated SkyFort network, meaning you never have to deal with slow performance or resource hogs.

Protection That's Affordable

Accessing the world’s most advanced security cloud doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We work hard to keep SkyFort affordable and accessible to everyone.

Simplicity By Design

The SkyFort app was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and beautiful to operate. Managing multiple users is quick and easy.

Protection For Every Device.

SkyFort will be available for all platforms and will be launching first on MacOS and iOS.

SkyFort is everywhere.

SkyFort is in over 15 data centers in North America, meaning you are always within reach of high performance protection. We are constantly adding new locations to make SkyFort global.

Coming Soon

A Whole New Way To Connect

SkyFort Enterprise

SkyFort built to integrate with existing enterprise networks and resources. Implement high security with no DevOps.

With SkyFort

Make sign-in and checkout a thing of the past when you access your favorite sites from the SkyFort network. Receive discounts from select partners for being verified on the SkyFort network.

Even More Flexibility

Soon, you’ll be able to customize your level of protection and add additional features to your network like secure file storage, controlled access and integration of existing cloud/on-site resources.

SkyFort VM

Deploy your cloud apps on a secure SkyFort network server. Protect your end users and their data with SkyFort’s automated security suite, so you can focus on building, not security.

For Family
For The Team
For .gov and .edu
Protect your loved ones from the latest cyber threats with ease. SkyFort makes it simple and affordable to protect your family and manage it all from our control panel.
Whether you are just starting up or have an existing system, SkyFor is for your team. Create a private cloud network in seconds, and secure all your team's devices with ease.
Protecting a huge organization can be a logistical nightmare. SkyFort makes bringing high performance networking and endpoint protection a dream.
Lets compare
SkyFort firewall
Antivirus + VPN
Setup process
Setup process
SkyFort firewall
Simple setup less than 5 minutes & Zero configuration. Deploying it to multiple users is a breeze
Antivirus + VPN
Twice the work, twice the accounts, half the protection, no multi-user support
Connection speed
Connection speed
SkyFort firewall
Designed for low overhead, ultra fast performance, and optimized for battery saving
Antivirus + VPN
Resource intensive can slow down connection and drain battery
Security level
Security level
SkyFort firewall
Next-gen adaptable protocols, powerful privacy & security
Antivirus + VPN
Old softwares and protocols from the 90’s not built for modern threats
Data protection
Data protection
SkyFort firewall
Affordable protection with no contracts. We don't collect your data, we just protect it
Antivirus + VPN
Expensive yearly contracts lock you in and makes a profit on your data anyway
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