Secure your team

SkyFort Is Built For Business

Enterprise-grade protection, made for everyone

Powerful cloud networks are no longer reserved for enterprise. With SkyFort Teams, you can easily onboard your teammates in seconds, protecting them from malware and phishing attacks, and keeping prying eyes off your data.

A new way to stay secure

SkyFort isn’t a traditional cybersecurity suite. Instead, SkyFort allows any business to deploy a powerful secure network with built in endpoint protection, all in a few clicks. Stop ransomware attacks cold, and protect your company’s data. Onboarding your team is fast, and SkyFort requires almost zero maintenance.

Keep your team protected

SkyFort uses cutting-edge machine learning to detect malware and phishing threats before they reach your team’s devices. No more worrying about that weird link in an email.

Keep your data private

SkyFort uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your teams can work from anywhere in the world without worrying about interception or espionage.

Dedicated performance

SkyFort Teams users get dedicated servers and direct access to internet exchange points. No downtime, no slow connections, ever.

Visibility is built right in

View statistics about everything. Who’s on the network, what resources they are accessing, and even your current speeds. SkyFort Teams also provides an in depth look at the threats it blocked.

Deploy in seconds, not weeks

We designed SkyFort Teams to be easy to use and quick to setup, no IT experience required.

1. Create your Team account

Simply create a profile for your business that allows SkyFort to pick the best servers and security for you. Just add billing.

2. Send out invites

Just add or import your team’s emails, and SkyFort will send them an automatic signup link for your organization.

3. Get Connected

Team members simply download the app on the devices they use for work, and connect to the network. Thats it, they’re secured.

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