Decentralized Security


The world's most advanced protection, made for everyone

Decentralized, scalable cloud-based VPN with integrated anti-virus and advanced privacy protection.

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Enterprise-Grade Protection

Leveraging an all cloud-based architecture, SkyFort protects using powerful, advanced security systems that run in the cloud and are updated around the clock. No input or configuration needed. SkyFort protects against phishing, spyware, scams, ad tracking, and even malware.

Decentralized Privacy And Performance

Using the power of SkyFort's decentralized servers, every user has a dedicated VM running their own personal SkyFort server, air gapped from all other users. Scale up your performance and capacity as needed, and scale it down when you don't. That means on demand performance, and next-gen privacy and security.

Security for all.

SkyFort is the future

Having powerful protection shouldn't be complicated. SkyFort is simple and easy to use, and doesn't need any management or configuration. Just connect and forget.

Blazing fast, decentralized servers

SkyFort gives each use their own security cloud, comprised of dedicated virtual servers, meaning your data stays secure and you always have the fastest performance, with almost no lag.

Powerful enterprise-grade security

SkyFort servers use advanced, enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools previously only available to large corporations: it can identify and block a malicious file from downloading, and can prevent you from visiting a suspect website, in real time before reaching your device.

Powered by machine learning

SkyFort leverages the power of cluster intelligence and machine learning to detect and block new threats as they emerge. This means you’re always protected against the latest threats.

Real human support, not robots.

At SkyFort, you’ll never speak to a robot if you ever need help, you’ll always get a 100% real fleshy human.

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