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Powerful Cybersecurity For Everyone

SkyFort is a next gen platform that protects you from phishing and malware, all in just a click

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Simple, Powerful Protection.

Enterprise-grade Security

Every team gets a dedicated SkyFort server that allows teammates to securely connect via next-gen VPN and access the internet safely through a fully automated cybersecurity suite, protecting against ransomware and phishing attacks.

Remote Team Management

SkyFort allows team leaders to specify website filters, log traffic, and monitor usage, just as if everyone was on a physical office network.

Security for all.

SkyFort is built for everyone.

Staying secure shouldn’t be out of reach for any team, regardless of IT skills. SkyFort makes it simple to deploy to your team in seconds, and manage everything with just a few clicks.

Blazing fast, dedicated servers

Blazing fast, dedicated servers

SkyFort gives each use their own dedicated virtual server, meaning your data stays secure and you always have the fastest performance, with almost no lag.

Powerful enterprise-grade back end

Powerful enterprise-grade back end

SkyFort servers use advanced, enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools to protect your traffic: it can identify and block a malicious file from downloading, and can prevent you from visiting a suspect website in real time.

Powered by machine learning

Powered by machine learning

SkyFort leverages the power of cluster intelligence and machine learning to detect and block new threats as they emerge. This means you’re always protected against the latest threats.

Real human support, not robots.

Real human support, not robots.

At SkyFort, you’ll never speak to a robot if you ever need help, you’ll always get a 100% real fleshy human.

SkyFort means business.

Coming soon, SkyFort will give teams the ability to leverage additional cloud networking features like encrypted storage and file transfer, as well as access to more powerful dedicated servers, and our global LAN networking tool.

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Soon, you'll be able to do even more with SkyFort Developer; create cloud apps and services on a SkyFort Security Cloud.
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